I’ve always been a bit hesitant when it comes to using natural therapies, but decided to go with my gut when I booked with Michelle.

I have experienced constant fatigue issues after years of pushing myself at work and in life. My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me and suggested that I just slow things down.
After being sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time I booked with Michelle to see if she could figure it out… Turns out my adrenals had taken a beating from me being stressed out and overusing stimulants like coffee and pre-workout supplements over the years.

After using the herbs Michelle gave me over the last couple of months I’m feeling energised and a lot happier about life. I’m going to keep seeing Michelle, because what she’s doing seems to be working.

Thanks for everything Michelle


– Regan M

I started seeing Michelle for my gut issues last year as I had developed a number of intolerances and digestives upsets over the years but couldn’t get to the bottom of what was causing them. After a couple of sessions she helped me recognise what the culprits were and had me on a gut repair program that helped me immensely. Now I can eat the majority of foods that I previously couldn’t, and I also feel clearer in my head and have new found energy. Highly recommend!


– Rob G

I highly recommend natural therapies. I particularly like naturopathy as it is very holistic and takes into account different aspects of your lifestyle and gets to the bottom of things. I had a seen naturopath as a child but not as an adult. I came to see Michelle for my anxiety because I don’t believing in taking the medications normally prescribed for these mental conditions.


I had always had mild anxiety as a young adult but it had gotten worse over the years, especially with changing careers. My general health had also begun to deteriorate as a result, so I knew I had to do something before it got worse. I went to see Michelle back in 2016 through a recommendation and found her to be very knowledgeable, caring and professional. She referred me to get some tests done and we found that I had a pyrrole disorder which was what was contributing to my anxiety, as well as heavy metal toxicity. I would never have known otherwise. She worked on these areas with me and I started to feel better almost immediately.


I no longer experience anxiety, sleep much better and started having dreams again, something I hadn’t done in years!


-Lucy S